Roaring 20’s Theme Party


Last weekend, Dave and I dressed in our 20s inspired clothes (/costumes) and headed to Dave’s work “speakeasy” party…

Putting together the outfits wasn’t difficult in theory – I knew what we needed to get, but finding it was a bit challenging! I perused vintage shops all week looking for clothing and accessories for both Dave and me.

For Dave, I found a hat at Target (of all places…after searching vintage stores for days!). He combed his hair with a side part, borrowed a gray vest from his brother, and paired it with a white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I dropped the ball when I didn’t get him garters to hold his sleeves up. A pair of slim fitting black slacks and black dress shoes finished it off. Not too bad!

Finding a flapper dress was a bit more challenging. I searched through closets and attics and my parents and grandparents without luck…although I found some other fun treasures! Ultimately, I bought a black dress that was part top or short dress and part lingerie. My mother-in-law sewed some 4″ fringe around the bottom hem (purchased from JoAnn’s). My headband was made from a strap of 1-1.5″ slightly stretchy fabric sewed to fit my head – add a feather and old earring using hot glue and you have a 20s headband. Three strands of pearls with various lengths and diameters finished it off. Don’t forget to tie one in a knot! Shoes were harder to find, but a rounded toe with a high strap around the ankle would have been nice…

Props were also available at the party – hence the cigar and cigarette, along with boas, more headbands, pearls, and double mint gum 🙂