Does Your Children’s Museum Membership Include This?


I know I teased a little the other day on Instagram and made you wait… but now it’s here!  Enjoy!

C2 in the Light Lab – This is basically a giant Lite Brite!

Did you know that many museum memberships are part of an alliance that offer reciprocal admission to each others’ members?  I have literally been so excited about this find that it’s distracting me (not hard to distract me from laundry…dishes…more laundry…) and I just can’t wait to take advantage of this benefit.

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Machu Picchu Express – what I wish I’d known

Dates of travel: July 22-23, 2012

First of all, let me say it was worth it. My husband and I added Peru onto a trip to South America hoping to see Machu Picchu. I researched and planned our few days in Peru, although a few glitches in our plane schedule and the new way things are run for tourism to MP gave us quite the opportunity to decide whether we REALLY wanted to go or not.

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