My Top 5 Honest Company Favorites

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If you had asked me when I was pregnant what type of diapers I would use, I would have told you something along the lines of “whatever is the best value!” – this statement has come to mean something very different now that I’m a Mom.  Value not only indicates quantity per dollar amount.  It includes quality, feature value, reduced adverse affects, and ability for those features to save me time, effort, and use of additional products.  Hmmmm…. complicated!  Well after pink bottoms requiring diaper cream, saggy, squishy diapers that felt like they were damp on the outside when wet and had a foul chemical smell, I found my perfect value.  The Honest Company diapers eliminated (yes, ELIMINATED) diaper rash (at least until we started solid foods), wicked liquid away from the skin better, and didn’t feel soggy or smell of chemicals.  Worth every penny.

Once I was hooked on diapers, my interest was piqued.

Here are my top 5 favorite Honest Company products:

Honest Top 5

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1. Diapers

As I mentioned above, the Honest diapers did not feel soggy or damp.  They wicked the moisture away from the skin without becoming bulky.  That odd chemical smell was gone, and there were no jelly beads found on my daughter.  Most importantly, I could save my sweet baby from having the discomfort of redness or diaper rash.  Who feels terrible for not noticing a dirty diaper soon enough, only to find a burned little bottom when you were 5 minutes late?  Not to mention the need to use diaper cream, more baths using soap, etc.

2. Wipes

Honest Company makes a great wipe.  They feel more like mini towels, and smell pleasant, but not fragrant.  Just the other day I confirmed why I love them.  I had been using a pack of common brand wipes that I had bought when C was a newborn and avoided using until recently.  I figured her skin is less sensitive, and I already spent money on these, so I’ll use them now.  All was fine until she ate too many blueberries – the wipes stung her irritated bottom like crazy!  Big alligator tears.  Switched to Honest wipes, and no more tears.  Plus they wipe better.

3. Healing Balm

This has become a bit like Neosporin used to be for me, but so much more multi-purposed!  It clears up irritation in her diaper before the next diaper change typically, but I’ve also used it on cuts and abrasions for my daughter and myself.  Once I got a cut on my finger that was actually feeling worse with antibiotic cream and throbbing through the night – I changed to healing balm and by morning the redness was reduced and almost gone.  Now it lives in my diaper bag.

4. Shampoo & Body Wash

We went through several baby soaps after C was born looking for a safe formula that didn’t irritate her mild eczema.  Bath time is also part of our nightly routine, and although we don’t always use soap it’s still important to be extra careful not to irritate or dry out her skin.  So Honest Shampoo & Body Wash was working well for her, and then one night I ran out of shampoo.  Enter using it on myself.  LOVED it.  It suds less than I’m used to (maybe a good thing), but even better is the safety for myself.  When you get pregnant you start looking at ingredients for everything you put on your skin, right?  What a great peace of mind to use this product for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

5. Nipple Balm

A product I never knew I would need pre-baby.  I used lanolin for the first few weeks – A LOT.  One day I noticed my daughter’s baby acne was worse.  It ended up being a soft wool beanie she had been wearing.  Stopped beanie, reaction reduced.  I started researching wool allergy and learned that lanolin is a wool wax.  When marketed to breastfeeding moms, it is usually non-allergenic.  I stopped using it anyway and switched to Honest Nipple Balm and the baby acne went away.  Coincidence?

OK, so if you’re here to get the discount, you’ve found it!  Thanks for visiting, and happy shopping!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission from The Honest Company.  I was not asked to write this article, and all information is my own opinion.


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